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“An involving, well-crafted, humane look at a topic that stands to affect us all.” -LA TIMES

“A vital eye opening expose. A must see.”-NYC MOVIE GURU


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America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker

Posted on Sep 21 by

Huffington Post is finally jumping into the fight. I’ve never seen them do this before. It’s not just a long article, this is a full fledged multi-media expose of one of Big Pharma’s most powerful players. We covered this J&J story in Bought, but the mainstream media has never really given the story the attention it deserves. Until now. It’s great reading, I’m excited to share it with you if you haven’t already seen it. Once people start seeing these companies for who they are, for what they really do, then we can start to clean up this mess. Here’s the link, read it, share, and do anything you can to spread this message will you? CLICK HERE to read it...


Filmmakers turn cameras on America’s ailing healthcare system – L.A. Times

Posted on Aug 4 by

‘Doctored,’ ‘The Waiting Room’ and ‘Escape Fire’ look at different angles of the system. Such films can influence legislation and how people vote, expert says. By Susan King, Los Angeles Times September 30, 2012, 7:00 a.m. Healthcare reform is the focus of three new documentaries that explore the explosive issue through different lenses. “Doctored,” which opened Thursday, focuses on the benefits of seeing chiropractors, while examining a wide range of medical, political and insurance topics. “The Waiting Room,” which arrived Friday, provides an unflinching look at the uninsured trying to get healthcare at a big city hospital. “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare,” opening Oct. 5 in theaters and on video on demand, looks at ways to help cure the ailing system, including greater use of alternative healing. Michael Lumpkin, executive director of the International Documentary Assn., said these kind of topical documentaries can have an effect on how people think and vote. They can also influence the legislative process. “I think a lot of people in the government are looking to documentary films to make sure...


Canadian Chiropractor Previews Doctored

Posted on Aug 4 by

Aug. 15, Sandy, Utah – The documentary Medical Inc. (now renamed “Doctored”) is scheduled for its world premier on September 21, 2012 in New York City.  The movie exposes the medical stranglehold on healthcare, a monopoly through which natural strategies, especially chiropractic, are deliberately pushed into the sidelines often to the detriment of patients. After the New York screening, the movie will move on to be shown in four other cities across the US, namely, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. “Doctored” is produced by renowned film maker, Jeff Hays, and directed by Bobby Sheehan. It features a number of prominent doctors of chiropractic, including World Federation of Chiropractic immediate past president, Dr. Michael Flynn; Dr. James Chestnut; Parker University president, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini; and more, speaking on the subjects of health, illness and taking back the freedom to make choices that reflect the movement toward overall better health. International funding cite, features a message, by the movie’s creators, encouraging attendance at initial showings of the film – especially the world premier in New York – in order...


Interview With Jeff Hays

Posted on Aug 4 by

Thursday, March 14, 2013 6:46:17 PM America/Denver Jeff Hays We speak to Jeff Hays the man behind the Oscar shortlisted documentary, ‘On Native Soil’ and producer of the new movie ‘Doctored,’ possibly one of the most important films to come that exposes the medical monopoly for what it is. By Máiréad Rothman SPIZZ: What happened ‘Medical Inc?’ JEFF: I guess this is a perfect time to tell everyone the real title of the film. That was our shooting title and the title we will be releasing it under is ‘Doctored.’ SPIZZ: Before we talk about the movie ‘Doctored,’ let’s to go back to the beginning and tell me how you actually got into the movie making business. JEFF: It is so amazing. I remember being 25-years-old. I was a siding salesman in west Texas and my partner and I in between appointments would go to the movies while we were waiting for people to come home to go out and make sales pitches. My partner told me during the movies he wanted tobeapilotandIsaidIwantedto make movies. He said, ‘How do...


The film ‘Doctored’ exposes AMA conspiracy to monopolize healthcare – Now available on Amazon Prime

Posted on Apr 30 by

(NaturalNews) Freedom in today’s America is mostly an illusion, especially as it pertains to healthcare. The medical industry is now so completely mired in corruption that people are dying left and right from government-approved drugs, vaccines, and surgeries that are speciously considered to be “safe and effective,” while “alternative” and natural remedies that actually work are vilified and unjustly regarded as quackery or fraud. This is the subject matter of the powerful documentary film Doctored, which is now available for instant viewing through Amazon Prime. In this film, a cohort of like-minded doctors, patients, and health freedom advocates speak out against the corporate medicine monopoly that dominates healthcare and is actually making people sicker while suppressing real solutions and cures. “The biggest contradiction in our culture today is calling medicine ‘healthcare,'” states one advocate of breaking up the American medical-industrial complex and restoring true health freedom for all. “We spend $2.7 trillion per year and we’re incredibly sick as a culture.” AMA convicted of conspiracy to destroy chiropractic profession The film reveals that the very industry that is supposed...